New life. New blog.

Not really a new life, per say, but a new outlook and major changes to my life as I knew it previously. I had my other blog for about seven years, starting it when I was newly married, still a full-time student, live in Southern California, lacked any real confidence, and was starting to get obsessed with knitting. I was a different person then. I tried to pull my blog along with me, only to feel like I was cheating myself and my few (non-related-to-me) readers along for something they never signed up for. I was trying so hard to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life and was using my blog to express frustrations with that quest, alongside posts about completing knitting projects and international travels.

That’s not to say I really know who I am, for sure, now, but I feel like I have a somewhat better idea of what it is I want. I want time to slow down when I’m with my family, traveling, eating a great meal, or enjoying a hobby. I want time to speed up when I’m stuck at traffic, participating in an awkward conversation, or trying to find clothes that are inexpensive yet fit. I want to record what’s happening in my life as it happens, because my memory stinks and I need more than just random facts to hold onto. I want to give people who know me a place to see what’s happening in my life in a longer form than Facebook posts and without having to drag out my daughter’s scrapbook, hoping my life – and not just hers – is somewhere in the pages.

Here’s the thing: this blog won’t have one focus. It won’t just be about knitting or my daughter or food or writing or existential angst. It’s about whatever it is I happen to be doing, seeing, eating, or thinking about at a particular time. Some posts will have photos, others pages and pages of only words. My only promise is that there will be something here, whenever I have the drive or the energy to add it. I hope some of you stick around or I’ll just be another self-obsessed loon, talking to herself.

3 thoughts on “New life. New blog.”

  1. As long as you are passionate about writing and what you write about, your readers will be able to sense that. I too struggled with finding a specific focus for my blog, so i decided to just go along with it and write about whatever it is that has caught my eye. I guess over time it will all come together.

    Enjoy the journey 😃


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