Old. New. Borrowed. True. #1

[Curious what this is all about? See the Features page for a description.]


I’m back in my hometown this weekend which is always very strange for me. I left when I went to college and never really came back to live at home for longer than a week or two. I’m from one of those towns that is small enough that you really notice big changes each time you go back. Like every time we go back, I have my list of old places I want to visit: downtown (with a trip for garlic knots), favorite BBQ chain, church I went to growing up, a football game at my HS, that great Cuban place one county south. And now we’re checking them off as we go.


I’m going to cheat a little here. Going back home is also my something new this week as it’s the first time we’ve taken Squirms on an airplane and the first time she’s ever been to my hometown (or the state of Florida). She was really good on the way down, not much more irritated than if we were to hold her for three straight hours at home. And the airport security process was quite easy, after we figured out you flip the seat upside down to get it through the scanner.



This is lame but I don’t really have anything to report borrowed-wise this week. Other than the tip to have Squirm suck on a pacifier or eat while we took off and landed. That seemed to work though I’m not sure if her ears would have bothered her, anyway.


I really do love to write. This last week, I spent a lot of my time writing. Writing for the blog. Writing in my notebook/journal. Writing a packing list for our trip. Writing keeps my hands busy and keeps my mind from having to keep track of everything. If it’s written down, I can find it again to remember something I need to do.

So, that’s how this week has gone for me. How’d it go for you all?

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