The Booster Chair Incident

[I’m busy this weekend with family stuff but still wanted to make sure ya’ll have something to read from me each day so I prepped a few posts in advance which will be publishing automatically.

The other night, there was a bit of an incident. Squirms experienced what was probably her first real moment of pain. And we all nearly lost our minds. (Ok, she and I nearly lost our minds. Matt was cool and calm.)

I would lie and say I was the one who caused the pain. It doesn’t really matter because it was a complete accident and not do to malice or neglect. It just happened. But the story won’t make much sense if I flip the people around.

Matt was putting her in her booster seat so we could have a meal together as a family. She was her normal Squirmy self as we put her little legs in their proper position, then grabbed the little t-shaped strap which holds her in place. He clicked one side, then the other, then walked away so I could get her the rest of the way setup (bib on, tray clicked in place) as he got us drinks and silverware.

But, right away, she made what my mother-in-law calls her ugly face. Bright red, face crinkled, pout starting. This, somehow, was not just her “I don’t feel like sitting in my chair” or “I want to go to bed” face, but something much more severe. Maybe it was the shade of red she turned but I knew something was up.

I immediately un-clicked the straps and grabbed her out of the seat. She did that horrible thing babies do where they make a face like they’re crying but hold their breath. (We learned a trick from her pediatrician’s nurse – blow on their face to get them to take a breath. This also means they scream like nobody’s business, right away, in your face. But at least they’re breathing again.)

She made the loudest scream I have ever heard. Imagine the scream of getting ten shots at once. And these horrible gurgling noises and little whimpers and more screams. I couldn’t calm her down at all, despite lots of dancing around and “shhh”-ing, so I handed her to Matt. He went and changed her diaper – a side-issue but still irritating – while I tried to calm myself down.

(At this point, I was close to tears myself. Really, I’d never seen her this upset before.)

Between when I grabbed her out and Matt was in the office changing her, itt hit me what had happened: her leg got pinched in the plastic latch.

That would kill if it happened to me and I would know what the pain meant. Poor Squirms, she just knew she was getting put into her Vegetable Chair and about to get fed something yummy by Daddy then – OUCH!

Eventually, I was calm and she was calm and all was forgiven. We put her back in the chair and fet her some veggie tart. The only lasting damage to her is a small mark on her thigh; I’m left with increased paranoia over hurting her.

You can bet we’re going to be super careful with her, erm, overabundant thighs and those clips from now on. (Or always make sure she’s always in some sort of pants, not just a onesie.)

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