WIP Wednesday #1

I started knitting myself a sweater in early August, as I seem to do a few times a year. I spent a few days going through patterns on Rave,ray and decided it was time I sucked it up and made one with cables. I love the look of cables but have only rarely knit them. Something about them scares me.

I started by making the back which is just plain so not worth showing a photo of. Then I started on a sleeve because it only has the one cable so it would be a good introduction.

Thing is, I hated the way the cable looked. The yarn I chose, Berroco Vintage, is half acrylic so the cables just sort of laid there, mostly blending into the background.

So I pulled it out. Well, I pulled the sleeve out. The back is still in one piece as it’s easier to store as a piece of knitted fabric.

But, never fear, I’ve already started turning the yarn into something else. A February Fitted Pullover. I’m making the third size which, assuming I’m actually knitting to gauge, will fit with zero ease.

Hopefully, this will be a great sweater to pull over a t-shirt when it’s chilly this fall (or next spring, when I’m more likely to have it done by).

I’ve got other (knitting) WIPs but it’s nothing I’m actually working to complete:

  • Pair of Spring Forward socks in the Franklin colorway of Ms Babs Yummy (color chart here)
  • Two-color tam that I started in 2012 in purple Miss Babs and white Neighborhood Fibre Co
  • Baby blanket in super cheap acrylic (spare me your “melts when heated” lecture)
  • A doilie in super fine cotton whose color reminds me of creamsicles (bought the yarn in Spain last June, so maybe a year old WIP?)
  • Sock yarn blanket I haven’t touched at least since Elizabeth was born

What are you guys working on? Can be crafty or writing or photography or a bathroom redo. Whatever it is, tell me about it!



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