September Goal Wrap-Up

I did decently well at accomplishing my goals. They were a bit of a stretch, as I’d like them to continue to be, so I won’t beat myself up for what I didn’t complete.

1. Blog at least four times a week.

I’ve blogged every day this month except for three days which is really quite amazing now that work has really ramped up again and I’m having to pay much more attention to Squirms now that she’s crawling.

2. Go on two photo walks.

I only really went on one and it wasn’t that planned. We went into DC to go to the Turkish Festival and, like always, brought a camera with us, just in case. We wound up taking a 3 or so mile walk to see the monuments. I’ve got a bunch of photos between the ones I took on my phone and the ones Matt took using his camera that I still need to go through. It’s still September so maybe I’ll take  Squirms for a little photo walk around the neighborhood while Matt’s making dinner.

3. Spend an hour a week commenting on others’ blogs.

I was great the first two or so weeks of the month then my commenting (and blog reading) fell to the wayside as life got busier. I chose to use my free time to read or knit rather than comment on blogs. Hoping next month to get back to it by setting aside some time on weekends.

4. Decide on whether to start a Facebook page for this blog. If so, start one and tell friends and family about it.

I already talked about the page I set up and asked you all and some friends/family to go like it. I’m at 17 likes at last count – no mega following or anything but, hey, everyone starts somewhere.

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