Call me Rory, er, Lorelai – or am I Paris?

One day at robotics my Junior year, one of the Freshman suddenly stated, “You are such a Rory.” I quickly changed topics, not at all sure if being a Rory was a good thing or a bad thing because I had no idea what he was referencing. I asked my mom, and she smiled and explained that this was a good thing. Rory was a character on a show she was watching called Gilmore Girls, Rory being the daughter on the show who is determined, intelligent, and cute. He was complimenting me, not insulting me, as I feared.

The show, for the two women my age who haven’t seen it, is about Lorelei – a thirty-something who had a daughter at 16 – and the daughter, also Lorelei (who goes by Rory) and their lives in the small town Connecticut of Stars Hollow. The supporting case includes Lorelei’s wealthy, traditional parents and a whole ton of crazy townspeople. The first season starts with Rory getting into fancy private school Chilton and Lorelei having to make an agreement to have weekly Friday night dinners in order to get her parents to pay for the tuition. Insert lots of public-school-kid-turned-private-school-kid drama, dating adventures, small town festivals, and lots and lots of cultural references delivered as part of the extremely fast-paced dialog.

Back to my getting called Rory and trying to figure out if this was okay. The next time the show was on, I watched it with my mom, thinking it was one of those shows my mom watched but that I’d hate because it was too corny or too romantic or too silly.

Ten minutes in, I was in love. From then on, I always put aside the time the show was on. When Matt and I got our first DVR, it was the first show I set to record. When the show first appeared on DVD, I shelled out almost fifty dollars to get a copy – and, thankfully, managed to get the other seasons during Black Friday sales for less than twenty. They were loaned out to friends who loaned them to other friends before returning them. My copies of the first few seasons are covered with scratches and some aren’t even viewable anymore.

You could imagine the level of excitement when I heard I’d no longer have to rely on those damaged DVDs and Netflix would be streaming the entire series. I held out for an entire 24 hours before turning it on and, despite the fact I can only really watch it when Matt’s not around – he’s sat through it a good three times previously – I’m already almost done with the first season.

It’s funny what you notice when it’s been a couple years since you last watched a show. The show started about ten years ago and, despite being very modern at the time, seems outdated with the clothing and cultural references. Everyone has pagers, few have cell phones and the ones who do, use those brick-type Nokias that came programmed with Snake.

And, while I may have reminded that Freshman of Rory when I was in high school – I am Rory’s age, almost exactly – but, I’ve come to realize, maybe I am more of a Lorelei or, if I’m honest, a Paris. Rory is intelligent and cute, sure, but she’s also timid and only very rarely does anything wrong (she does sleep with a married man and helps to steal an expensive sailboat). I don’t actively try to cause trouble and go around rules like Lorelei, though I do tend to be no more serious than absolutely possible, making jokes at many of the wrong times. And I don’t know when to stop talking. But, like I said, I may also be a Paris. Paris is the enemy turned friend of Rory’s that she meets at Chilton and winds up becoming Yale room mates with. She’s intense and sees order and success as more important that the feelings of others. She has little tact and tells it like it is. Things I’m constantly fighting to overcome, particularly at work. And she has my lack of fashion sense and turns to crafts to calm her world. Though, most accurately, I’m all of them. I tell it like it is except when I know I’ll really hurt someone’s feelings. I like to think I’m smart and mostly do the right thing. I make jokes when things are getting too serious.

Enough analysis. I’m going back to watch another episode or two. The next episode features Emily getting a tour of Stars Hollow and I love the look on her face when Rory convinces her to switch out her heels for sneakers.

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