Goal-Free. Like gluten free but for goals. Okay, I still have things I want to do this next month but, yeah, they’re either private or more of the same as what I did last month. I tend to talk about my big goals on here, anyway, so I think I’m going to nix my goal planning/progress posts from now on.

But..just for old time’s sake…I did decently enough on my October goals:

  1. Blog 4 times a week – wrote only 11 times in the entire month
  2. Send letters to 5 friends – wrote 4 letters and may write another in the next few days, so I’m calling this one good
  3. Finish knitting the February sweater – still need to sew the sleeves into place but, really, it’s basically done
  4. Make a Halloween costume for Squirms – done, see that post
  5. Cook dinner 3 times – done! made mediocre squash pasta, an excellent cauliflower frittata, and cheese fondu
  6. Get back into running – heh. Total fail. Didn’t even start to make an effort to accomplish this.

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