Professional Something

The prompt for today from the folks at NaBloPoMo got me thinking, yet again, about why I do this whole blogging thing.

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

My first response: Uh, no. I do not make a single cent off this blog, and never ever intend to do so.

Professionals get paid to, well, perform the duties of their profession. They provide a valuable service and get compensation in return. But what about folks for whom you could think of as having made a profession out of philanthropy or volunteering? Those folks have amazing skills, for which they could be paid, but are giving them away for the benefit of the organization. People plan fancy parties to get donations for organizations like St. Baldrick’s. There are certainly paid party planners out there. People who volunteer with FIRST Robotics could use their skills in engineering or teaching or organization or project planning to make money (though it is rarely as fun as doing so with FIRST).

So, really, the better question is, am I someone who blogs for whatever my reasons are for blogging, but use this skills for paid work?

Sort of. Let me explain.

I do actually know how to write. I can follow the proper rules for grammar and not use parenthesis and dashes. I can be clear and precise. I can explain how something works or why a decision could be made. Much of my job requires communication skills, about both highly technical and completely nontechnical topics. The common saying is that engineers can’t write. That’s just poor engineers. You can have an excellent idea, but it’ll never get implemented if you can’t explain its benefits.

Like I said, sort of. I could use my writing and my humor and whatever else you want to say I use to blog, but, in the end, I like just doing it for fun. I like not having to answer to someone paying me to do it. I don’t have to worry that I absolutely must post about something. My features, en, they haven’t happened in awhile. I’ll probably pick them up again, but it’s no big deal if I never do. As long as I keep writing, keeping recording, everything is gravy.

(Yeah, I’m posting this a day later than the prompt tells me to do, but I couldn’t get my act together in time to post this yesterday. Another perk of not being a professional blogger.)

5 thoughts on “Professional Something”

  1. Good thing, looking within and wondering why, Angela. Now that you’re one of us at Nano Poblano, I invite you to come back to that page, click some links (mine included), read some of us, and engage in some conversation. By the way, I’ve yet to use a prompt. I look around and write about what’s going on. But I’m glad they are out there in case. And they sure can be new-day water cooler launching points in some ways, you know?


  2. I am going around the blog roll this evening just checking in and say hello to some of the fellow bloggers. I am not professional at this either. I will see if I get through this daily challenge but it is nice meeting other writers.


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