Questions, Questions

Awhile ago, I nominated eleven other people for the Liebster Award. One of the few people who actually responded was Jim over at Keyboard Pizza. He posed some really great questions and, seeing as I had no idea what else to write about today, I decided to pull out his questions.

Would you prefer to be secretly incarcerated for a heinous crime you didn’t commit, or free but have everyone thinks you committed the crime? Why?

Free but everyone convinced I did it because you’d have far more freedom than if you weren’t actually in jail. People would hate you and taunt you (and some would probably try to shoot you), but you’d still have something resembling a normal life.

If you could eradicate one colour which would it be and why?

Brown. Because it looks like poop. (Yes, I am five.)

Which movie ending did you really disagree with and what would you have happen instead?

I know they’re based on books and I’ve never heard of a case where the movie gave the book with a good ending a bad ending but I really thought Harry should have died – and remained dead – at the end of Deathly Hollows Part II.

Due to radiation from a passing meteor you now have the ability to pause time for up to an hour (assume that object interaction could still happen during this time). What would you do with that hour?

I would take a nap. Lie down on the floor – or in my bed, if I were at home – and sleep. Squirms is a great sleeper but I still feel like I don’t get nearly enough because I’m too stupid to go to bed when I’m tired.

If you were a comic-book super-villain, how would you do evil?

Some sort a ray-gun type thing that would force people to speak in iambic pentameter. It would infuriate people but they’d be so much more interesting to listen to.

Who would your super-hero nemesis be?

Shakespeare, obviously. Our battles would be centered around him having people whose lives are like the characters in his plays recite their respective soliloquies and monologues to have their normal speech patterns returned.

Tell me one interesting piece of trivia or fact that you don’t think people will know.

I’m one of those people who loves random trivia and facts but can only remember a really lame one:

If you could live the life of any one film/TV character who would it be and why?

Paris Geller in Gilmore Girls. Because I would like to say Rory Gilmore but know I’m basically a slightly more relaxed version of Paris. And I’d get to be Rory’s friend. Though Connecticut is really cold in the winter and I stink at driving in snow. Eh, still, I’d pick Paris.

What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

My blue eyes.

Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?

Mostly, I drink Diet Caffeine Free Coke. I crave coffee for the taste and hot tea for the act of drinking it. Matt doesn’t drink coffee so I don’t ever make it at home. We got an electric kettle when we got back from Ireland, we both fell in love with tea while we were there.

Star Trek Holodecks? A much-needed invention or the end of society as we would know it?

Great invention until they become what they mostly were in DS9 – places to act out sexual and violent fantasies. I’d use one to go back to my favorite places without crowds (Alhambra, Sagrada Familia, Florence).

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