Ten on Tuesday: Back from the Dead

I’ve heard abou Ten on Tuesday for years (version from here) and have often considered participating. The topic for this week was interesting so, well, here goes nothing.

10 Musicians I Would Bring Back From the Dead

1. My grandfather – what, he was a studio clarinet player. Totally counts. We’d spent far more time talking engineering than music but fine with me.
2. Keith Moon because Bell Hop didn’t sound all that great when done by the new guy.
3. The original lead singer for Journey
4. Tito Puente, if only to play Oye Como Va one last time
5. Bach so I can berate him for creating The Well-Tempered Clavier. Hated it when I took piano lessons
6. Holst to thank him for composing The Planets
7. Sousa because he seems like a fun guy to have a drink with. He probably preferred drinking Sidecars.
8. Bernstein so I could watch him conduct Soshtakovich’s 5th
9. Kurt Kobain but he could have just enough therapy to overcome his depression and drug abuse without being totally unable to write more songs
10. Barry White because, well, because he’s Barry White

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