Squirm’s Surgery – Done!

After a last-minute cancellation before the last attempt, Squirms had her surgery on December 2nd. We got up bright and early and quietly did our morning routine, only waking her up to put her in the car seat just before we headed out. She was surprisingly happy, especially as she had to skip breakfast (NPO after Midnight – and sure as heck didn’t wake her up for another bottle and/or food).

We checked in a little after arriving at 6:30 and were called back into pre-op a little before 7. They had us change her into the smallest size of hospital gown they had, took her vitals, got the final OK from the anesthesiologist, and waited for the surgical team to be ready for her. I was very happy that they let me go back with her and wait until she was asleep which only took a few seconds.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The surgery took a little over an hour and a half, most of which I spent playing games on my phone. I was surprisingly calm, even as the surgical status board didn’t update her assigned number (it remained in pre-op from the time we went back to the waiting room after she was asleep until we were heading home). Her doctor came out, told us everything had gone well except that there was a bit of mucous on the breathing tube. After a bit longer, the nurse came to let us go back to see her. We could hear her before we could see her, screaming from the pediatric PACU. The nurse handed her to me and she immediately fell asleep.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

She was asleep for about 30 minutes then woke up, had her bottle, and, her having kept it down, we were allowed to go home. She slept on and off all day which, apparently, is perfectly normal for someone so tiny who’s had anesthesia. Her eyes were horribly bloodshot but, suddenly, they were straight.

Her follow-up was last Friday and her doctor deemed everything great in terms of healing though it’s still too early to tell if the surgery was successful as the eyes will adjust themselves over the next few weeks. But, I can’t help but get excited at how amazing they look. She looks at you fully with both eyes and her eyes have yet to wander to center. I love modern medicine!

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