Christmas Countdown – Holiday Movies

There are two main kids of Christmas movie fans: those that like the sappy ones like Miracle on 34th Street or anything made for ABC Family/Hallmark Channel (aka my mother) and people who like movies that feature Christmas but aren’t really about Christmas. I’ll watch the Christmas-focused ones, sure, particularly if I’m not feeling Christmas-y, though I just love the ones that remind me of the feeling of Christmas or about how complicated the holidays are.

So, here’s my top five favorite Christmas movies:

Number 5 – Home Alone

I was exactly the right age when this came out to enjoy the physical comedy and absurd storyline of a kid getting forgotten when his family goes away for the holidays but doesn’t notice until hours later. And my brother looked just like the main character when he was that age.

Number 4 – Diehard

What? It’s a Christmas movie. It’s his wife’s work Christmas party that gets invaded by terrorists. Sure, it’s pretty dated now and the sequels were mostly horrible but the original’s worth re-watching for the action and comedic moments.

Number 3 – The Santa Clause

Okay, probably counts as a “real” Christmas movie as he’s, you know, turning into Santa Clause. I love the elf who explains the contract he agreed to and shows him around the North Pole.

Number 2 – White Christmas

Corny, corny, corny but in a wonderful Hollywood Golden Age of Musicals sort of way. Favorite scene is when the two men re-enact the sisters’ dance and song after they run away from the club. You’ll never get any of the songs they sing out of your head and the long dance sequence makes zero sense but you don’t care at all.

Number 1 – Love Actually

Follows a bunch of different pairs of folks during the five weeks leading up to Christmas as they experience the highs and lows of love in a modern society. They’re all connected to each other, though you don’t find that out until the end (I’m not ruining anything with saying that, I promise). There’s Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson and bunch of other either excellent eye candy or great actors.

So – are you a fan of Christmas movies? Real ones or my style of movies?

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