Letter Writing

I’ve always loved getting things in the mail, even if it’s just something I’ve ordered online or a catalog for the local rec center. When I was little, I was lucky enough to have a few aunts who would send me a postcard anytime they went somewhere and had a few friends who moved far away who wrote me letters. But, other than the flurry of cards at Christmas, I don’t really get a lot of mail that’s not somehow commercially related. Which makes me sad. Quite sad.

And, you now what, you can’t really expect people to mail you things if you don’t mail them yourself. Everyone assumes everyone else is too busy to do something like hand-write a note (even thank you notes are rare these days, but I’m not going to get on my soapbox about that one). So, I’ve committed to writing more hand-written letters this year. I even got supplies to make my own envelopes and got supplies (which I then ruined, long story) to teach myself calligraphy. Plan is to try to write ten letters each month, which will probably be more like 15 in January then two or a three a month after that. And, for sure, to respond to any hand-written letter I receive in response.

My total so far this month? One reply to a letter I received at the end of December plus three more (one to a friend I haven’t seen since I moved from LA, another to a friend who lives 30 minutes from me but I don’t see often due to scheduling issues, and one of Matt’s cousins). I made this giant list of people I want to send letters to – I’ll admit, not a single guy made my list because I feel really weird writing letters to guys – then used a random number generator to see who would get the next letter. It adds an element of fun and surprise to it. The list is a combination of relatives and new friends and old friends and even a few famous or semi-famous people I admire and/or generally want to say hello to.

Once my letters look like something more exciting than basic notebook paper in blank, send-your-payment-to-the-doctor type envelopes, I’ll be sharing what I’ve sent out and received in reply. For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of my LWA kit.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(Ah, yes, the LWA. Didn’t actually mention them yet. When I was looking around for ideas, I came across a really cool group called the Letter Writers Alliance. The gals who run it send beautiful (really, you’ve got to see them) letters out to family and friends and pen pals almost daily. Their Instagram feeds are fully of their hand-lettered, stamped, washi tape embellished, and stamped creations about to go into the mail box. For $5 you are a lifetime member and get a little membership card and a special little patch. I, of course, signed up immediately. You then have access to their members-only site and the ability to sign up for a pen pal, international or within your own country. I’m more than a little excited to be amongst their number.)

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