WIP Wednesday #4

Lest you think, after my last post, that I pulled out every single project I had in progress – never fear! I have several projects I’m actively working on right now.

The first is a pair of socks for my cousin, Nicole. She was the first one to respond to a photo post on Facebook, asking who wanted to be gifted them when they’re done. (Two relatives and one friend also indicated they want socks within minutes. They’ve been added to my queue.)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The socks are in a yarn that’s entirely new to me, Gynx BFL Sock. I like the tight twist on it and think they’ll wear pretty well as a result. The pattern is just a simple four row repeat of offset k2tog/yo’s. Nice and mindless. And, as always, I’m making them toe-up with a slipped stitch heel.

The other project is a shawl from the yarn I got back from frogging my Luna Virdus. It’s the Remember When shawl from Joji Locatelli. Not very inpressive yet but it’s going to be amazing when it’s done. 


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