(Feel compelled to write as I’m home sick today but I’m not with-it enough to be super creative. I will rely on a tried and true format.)

… watching

At this very moment, lots of daytime television as I’m home sick, recovering from a stomach bug (right now: The View is having a discussion about Serena Williams). Otherwise, I just caught up on the two or so seasons I was behind on Royal Pains. Matt and I finally watched the finale of the Sopranos (it was kind of an an eh ending) but are re-watching our way through Chuck. We’ll probably try to pick a new drama to watch through starting soon here. We had started Mad Men but I’m not sure if it’s for us. Anyone have any recommendations? Looking for something that’s not too dark but has excellent characters and interesting story lines. We tend to watch watching shows just before their final season starts or after the entire thing is already done.

…. reading

I finished reading the Matched trilogy a few weeks ago then read Ready Player One, both of which I highly recommend. I have yet to find my next book though am working through The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc, one of those southern-bell-has-far-too-much-fun books that’s light and airy. I’m debating buying Harper Lee’s new book but I’m not sure I can handle the change in the characterization of Attticus Fitch.

…. listening

Pop music when in my car, classic rock in Matt’s car, and lots of random stuff when we’re hanging out in the house. Squirms isn’t too picky so we go between made-for-toddlers music, Southern rock, reggae, salsa, or whatever looks interesting on Pandora that day. Other than music, the main noise around here as been rain which we’ve gotten so much of over the last few weeks. We had a few rather severe storms – one took down the top half of a tree, and our power line, at the end of the block – that kept Matt and I (but not Squirms) up at night. We also finally gave into letting Squirms watch TV so it’s lots of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Little Einsteins.

… making

I finished a fingering-weight sweater and even blocked the pieces but it’s stll in pieces in a bag in my office. Also knit a baby sweater for a friend…taht needs seaming. My real WIP is a Fine Tune cowl that’s about three-quarters complete. Hopefully I’ll have a few FO posts soon. I’ve also continued writing letters and have started working on Pocket Letters which I’ll do a whole post on later (basically, you fill a 9-pocket protector for trading cards with little goodies). I also got myself one of those finger-weaving rubber band things and have been making bracelets here and there (Anyone want one? I’ve got a bunch.).

… feeling

All I can feel right now is sick to my stomach. Pleasant, huh? Soon I’ll go back to feeling overwhelmed as work has gotten even busier than it was, with lots of competing first priorities. Think we’ve figured out a way to deal with all of it but it’s still stressful as there’s lots of focus on our group right now.

… planning

A big two week trip to Greece in the fall. Okay, I’m just thinking about it, Matt’s doing all of the actual planning. I am super excited. And, yes, Squirms is not going with us, but staying with her grandparents. It’ll be hard, I know, but we need to really get away and she’ll have far more fun with them than being stuck on a transatlantic flight.

… loving

Taking Squirms out early weekend mornings, just the two of us. We go to Target or a bookstore before almost anyone else is there which means no one really cares that she’s running around like a crazy person. (I keep her from destroying displays or pulling more than a single book off a shelf. I have yet to have to pay for anything she’s messed up which is amazing considering how quick she is to destroy things.)

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