Letter Writing Setup

Letter writing should be easy – grab something to write on, something to write with, a stamp to mail it, and something to mail it in. Write the letter, shove it into the envelope, address it, stamp it, and mail it. But, of course, I make everything overly complicated. I’ve got this whole entire setup of stuff I used to create my letters. Here’s a quick peak into my setup which currently resides on our dinning room table (the joys of having my office next to Squirms’s bedroom).

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Below the box:

  • Bright pink divided filer: I keep paper that doesn’t go in the box including stamps, small envelopes, cards for pocket letters I’ve already cut out, stickers, and address labels.
  • Pad of scrapbook paper: I got this on one of those 50% coupons at Michaels (it’s this exact one). I use this to make my own envelopes (I use this folded envelope technique.) or cut it in half and use it as stationary. The paper is a bit thin but it survives the mail pretty well, as evidenced by the letter I had returned to me in one of the envelopes made out of it (for forgetting to write the city/state of the recipient heh). I bought the pad in January but still have a good third of it left.
  • Paper cutter: Another half-off deal from Michael’s (this one). I bought it after my friend made fun of me for still cutting everything by hand with an Exacto knife and metal ruler I’d previously used for cutting fabric. I love it so, so much. I’m only on my second blade ever, having had it for four or five years.

Then, in the box, leftover from greeting cards a few years back:

  • Two pairs of scissors: Normal ones (cheapos from Ikea) for cutting packages open or something like that. Small, tiny ones (think they came with the paper cutter, actually) for cutting intricate things like fussy cutting individual stickers.
  • Ziplock of various paper scraps
  • Flowered journal: I don’t use it for a journal – it starting falling apart after a single weekend of use – but as paper for letters. It’s got a super tiny, dark blue grid on each page.
  • Coloring-books style postcards of Indian-inspired patterns: A random Michael’s clearance purchase a few years back. I’ve sent one or two in letters as a a goodie to be completed by the receipient.
  • Letter in progress (that’s the stars paper)
  • Bunch of pens
  • Date stamp from the Smashbooks folks which I rarely use but still keep around
  • Stamps of an owl and a set of letters, plus a blank ink pad
  • Glue sticks – the normal Elmer’s acid free type
  • Lots of Smashbook packets of papers. These are for embellishments for pocket letters or to send as goodies to pen pals. I still have a Smashbook but I’m not keeping up with it that much so it made sense to keep these with my letter stuff versus scrapbook stuff which is up in my office.
  • Circle punch: Finally splurged (okay, it was like $8) and got one of these. I use it for pocket letters, mostly, but have plans to have it help me make my own stationary.
  • Washi tape: I’ve bought it at normal places like Michael’s or Target but also Ikea and the grocery store. The stuff is everywhere, much to my detriment. I’m rather addicted, especially as it’s “only” three or four dollars a roll.

So…fellow letter writers..what’s your setup look like?

1 thought on “Letter Writing Setup”

  1. I have a drawer with letter writing things and another drawer with pen supplies and rubber stamps. I’ve brought letter-writing materials to the last three conferences I’ve been at, meaning to write to a few people (you included!) but just haven’t pulled it out. I think I need to have it on the desk next to me so I can pick that up when trying to productively procrastinate over the next couple of weeks!


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