CSA Haul

At the start of the summer, Matt decided we would try out a CSA for the first time. Our life is so busy right now, especially our summers, that we do not have the time to get to the farmer’s market every Saturday. What sealed the deal was the fact that the CSA for this farm actually delivers right to our neighborhood. Instead of having to drive out to, you know, farmland and hour or more away, we just drove a few blocks over and pick up a big blue bin of fruits and veggies.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In no particular order, here’s what we got this week:

  • Single yellow swash – pattypan maybe?
  • Three ears of sweet corn
  • Small thing of cherry tomatoes
  • Small thing of plumquots (which Squirms loves but I find wayyy too sour)
  • Two kinds of peaches, your usual yellow ones plus a pile of pale yellow doughnut peaches
  • Apples, red and yellow – quite surprising as it’s nowhere near the usual apple season
  • Beets which are conical for some reason
  • Bag of lettuce
  • (Not pictured) Big bag of green beans
  • (Not pictured) Small bag of potatoes

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