With Me Each Day (Or, my EDC setup)

I first heard about the concept of Every Day Carry (EDC, for short) from one of my knitting pals. She had posted a photo to Instagram with a description like “perfecting my EDC setup” that featured her traveler’s notebook, pad of sticky notes, pen, and wallet.

As usual, I forgot about the whole thing, never taking the time to investigate what EDC could be. Then Jet Pens had a blog post all about the concept.

It’s as it says on the tin…EDC is what you carry with you each day. It’s the things you take with you when you leave the house to go to work or school or to run errands. Those few things you always grab and stash in pockets or a bag.

I have a thing with bags so we won’t go into just how many I have. Right now, I use this Timbuk 2 bag (small size, in dark purple) during the week then use this Ebags cross-body on the weekends (as I’m usually carrying both my bag and this one for NotSoSquirmy).

Let’s look inside my messenger, a bit at the time.

little everyday things

  • iPhone 6 in its blue case (not pictured)
  • Car keys (not pictured)
  • Medications (not pictured)
  • Cheap sunglasses
  • Instant coffee
  • Curved bobby pins (because my bangs drive me nuts when I’m writing or trying to work on a computer or knit or …)
  • At least one lip care product (Carmex is my favorite)
  • Small tube/tub of lotion
  • Work badge, usually kept on that purple beaded lanyard
  • Kate Spade small wallet

knitting bag

If I’m not the one driving to/from work, I bring along whatever my current knitting project is. Today, it would be my Origami Cowl in Neighborhood Fibre Company Luxury Sock (Cooper Circle colorway). I try to remember, too, a copy of the pattern, measuring tape, and this great little box (from the Container Store) to hold a few stitch markers.

MTN setup

I always try to carry my MTN setup with me, which consists of the notebook itself plus my orange zipper case of stationary supplies.

The zip case (from Container Store, excellent for the $3 it cost) holds a lettering/shape guide, glue stick, washi tape “samples” on embroidery floss bobbins, and whatever pens I’ve chosen to carry with me. Right now, lots of Sharpie pens plus a fine-tiped fountain pen.

The notebook itself currently has two inserts (one lined, one blank), a plastic pocket set, and some other bits stashed into it.


There’s two notecards, a letter I have yet to reply to from a good friend, and a copy of some bloodwork I had done recently.

In the front pocket, lots of stickers I purchased or was given by friends. The clear ones are actually letter seals for our Christmas cards, though I have used one or two for letters. The stripes and dots are actually washi sheets I picked up at Michaels last weekend. Super fun.

The first insert is lined and where I write about my day. Because of the lines and my very rigid nature, I’m using it in the way most would, just plain writing with a few little embellishments. The second one is, well, totally blank. I’m hoping I can get back into writing about old memories or on some sort of a theme like holidays.

The back pocket is where I keep my stamps and glue dots. I had never used the glue dots before our Greece trip but they’re great for adding in heavier-weight things into my notebooks when I’m in ephemeris-collection mode for my journaling.

What’s your EDC consist of? Just keys, sunglasses, wallet or do you take your whole world with you, like me?

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