Downsizing (my stash)

As usual, I ended the year by cleaning out my office / craft space and realizing I have far, far too many craft supplies I will never use. Ok, will never use and am willing to admit I will never use – we’ll ignore my fabric stash for the time being.

Which means, dear reader, I have lots I would like to get rid of:

  • yarn
  • knitting needles
  • knitting books / magazines / printed patterns


The yarn, well, I’m too lazy to repost it all here. You can see everything I have up for grabs on my Ravelry trade/sell page here. (Anything in my stash but the Miss Babs  and Wollmeise is up for grabs, too, if I’m honest.) If you need a photo, let me know. I didn’t feel like taking photos of all of it after the whole sorting, cataloging, Rav-updating process took me a good two hours. I randomly selected 30% of retail plus shipping costs.

Knitting Needles

I’ve got the following available for whoever wants them. Pay me back for postage and they are all yours. Some have condition issues which, of course, I didn’t record, but can let you know about if you inquire after them.

  • Addi, wood/bamboo: Size 1 (2.25 mm), Size 7 (2 of them), 13 (rather short in length)
  • Clover, wood/bamboo: Size 6, 7, 8, 13
  • Addi, regular tip, metal: 2, 3 (2 of them), 6 (very long cable), 8
  • Addi, lace/pointy tip, metal: 7, 8
  • Random cheap brand from Walmart: 2 (2 of them), 6
  • Double points, Addis, wood/bamboo: 7
  • Double points, Addi, wood/bamboo: 8 (though only 4 of the original 5)
  • Single points in cheap metal, size 10.5

Knitting Books

Make me an offer on any of these. Many were purchased retail, though some were library book sale finds.

  • Interweave Crochet: Fall 2010, Fall 2012
  • Knitscene: Fall 2012, Winter 2012
  • Interweave Knits Weekend 2009: missing whatever pattern(s) were on pages 45-46, likely the cover sweater plus a bit more
  • Interweave Knits: 2005 – summer; 2006 – winter, spring, fall; 2009 – fall; 2010 – fall; 2011 – spring
  • Vogue Knitting – sprint/summer 2015
  • Berroco Weekend pattern booklet
  • Three That Bald Guy Knits sock patterns for heavily cabled socks (from a yarn club years ago, solmenly swear I never copied them or knit them, too complicated for me)
  • 101 Ways to Improve Your Knitting, Barbara Abbey, 1962 (cool little pamphlet)
  • Vogue Knitting Socks Two, To go (2002)
  • Baby Style, Debbie Bliss
  • The Everything Knitting Book, Jane Eldershaw (lots of scuffs on cover but all there)
  • Knitting Experience Book 2: The Purl Stitch, Sally Melville
  • Scarf Style, Pam Allen
  • No Sheep for You, Amy Singer
  • Holiday Knits, Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs
  • 101 Designer One Skein Wonders
  • Alterknits, Leigh Radford (still has the little booklet that comes with it, never opened)
  • Knitting It Old School
  • Vogue Knitting, Hats and Gloves
  • Big Book of Knitter’s Stitch patterns (really cheap stitch dictionary that’s quite dated but, hey, it still works!)
  • Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines

Want something? Send me an email at oneliferecorded at gmail dot com or message me via Ravelry.

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