Welcome Back

I know, the first post after a long hiatus is always awkward. The writer apologizes for the long absence, maybe even provides a reason for it before rushing through a giant listing of everything which has happen in the last day/month/decade. Then, a good half of the time, there’s zero follow-up posts. Just one “hey, guys, I’m backkkk!” then, silence.

So, where does this bring us? Well, here’s my update, in my own hand.

I do plan to actually get back into the swing of things. Things have calmed down ever so slightly and I am hopeful my life will not fill right back up to overflowing. And I actually have a plan. Took-a-page-in-a-notebook sort of a plan. With bullet points and a calendar and all that fancy stuff.

You should be impressed. But not too impressed. This is my blog, after all.

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