WIP Wednesday #5

I’ve been doing lots of starting in the last few weeks, with not a whole lot to show for it because little has fully grabbed my attention. It happens when I have a long time of productivity, like my brain short-circuits

I will start with a confession that I still haven’t finished the socks I started over a year ago and my CustomKnit red sweater, yeah..still in several pieces as I discovered one of the front parts is too long above the armhole.

My first WIP is a crescent, sideways-knit shawl (It’s Game Day!) for a mathematician coworker. It’s a rather mindless knit, perfect for when Lizzie is watching TV after dinner and just wants to sit near me, not on me. I’m really enjoying how the colors are subtly shifting as I continue to knit this on a needle quite a bit too large for the yarn – a size 8 for this thinner fingering weight.

The next, not currently being worked, is a cowl for a coworker (Sibella) which I put aside because, well, I just wasn’t in the mood to work with the somewhat slippery Cascade Heritage. I’ll be picking this up again as soon as I finish Game Day. Okay, I should pick it up after finishing that one.

And, lastly, a two-color hat (pattern is Selbu Modern) I started on a ski trip to West Virginia in February. This is likely to get frogged because, really, when am I ever going to have the concentration to finish it?

What are you guys working on this week?

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