Fountain Pen Favorites

It’s no secret I’m a stationary nerd. Okay, more like a stationary obsessive. While I did use Moleskine notebooks for a good ten years (and switch over to my Midori nearly a year ago), I was afraid to take the plunge to writing instructions which were more than two or three dollars a piece. I tend to lose things, especially pens, and didn’t see how the writing experience could get much better than the Pilot G2 or Pentel EnerGels I’d been using.

Then I came across a pair of blog posts talking about how awesome it is to use a fountain pen. And there were even some which didn’t cost an arm and a leg while still looking great and being lovely to write with.

So I gave in purchased two different highly-rated disposable varieties: the Pilot Varsity and Platinum Preppy.

I hated them. Like really, truly hated them. The Pilot just oozed out it’s ink onto the page. The Preppy, well, it about tore holes in my paper because it was so dang sharp. I tossed both and gave up.

I changed my mind, as I do. I follow too many folks in Instagram who are fountain pen-obsessed to not give it a try. I added a real pen to my Amazon WishList, a Pilot Metropolitan. Then, because he knows me very well, Matt purchased it for me for my birthday last year.

The Metropolitan is a metal-bodied pen, with a good heft and excellent ink flow. The medium tip is a bit thicker than I’d like for my daily writing as I tend to write very small in my journal, work notebook, and planner. But, for letters on finer paper, it can’t be beat. The ink just flows and the weight, though it may all be in my head, keeps my handwriting neater and more uniform.

I was hooked, but tried to remain content with my one excellent pen. Then, as a treat for receiving a raise at work, I bought myself a Lamy Safari in bright blue, fine nib. It’s my go-to pen for daily use. The lighter weight is only marginally more than an EnerGel and the ink flow quite good on both the cheap paper of my work notebook and the fine paper of my MTN inserts.

For my fellow stationary obsessives, have you taken the fountain pen plunge? If not, what’s stopping you? If so, what’s your favorite every day pen? Fancy pen? Any inks I should try, knowing I’ve only used cartridges made by my pen’s makers?

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Favorites”

  1. Yay fountain pens! I have, uhm, eight? now. I think. They’re all my favorite. I love Pilot Metropolitans in Fine or Medium, depending on the ink, and my Lamy Al-Star in Medium is amazing for J Herbin 1670 inks. What are you looking for in an ink?


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