Mail Monday 4.25

It’s about time I turn my love of letters – and the mail, in general – into a blog feature. Every other Monday or so, I’m going to share what I’ve sent out and/or received since the last update.

Let’s get started.


With the new job starting, I’m trying to get ahead on lots of things, like sending birthday cards. I use Facebook to tell me when people have birthdays, then get them all ready to go around the end of the previous month. (So, for my friends, this is my friendly reminder to have FB tell me your birthday…or subtly sneak it into conversation when it’s getting close.)

I also sent a few little notes to folks, but forgot to take any photos of those before being sent. And this fun, local postcard to my very first Postcrossing recipient.


I also was the recipient of lots of mail the last week or so. There were two notes from the same person – though I’m pretty sure one was a reply to a letter sent months ago, she’s been tied up in nursing school – and a Monet postcard from a Ravelry pen pal.

I also received a fun little package from a Ravelry swap.


What fun things did you send or receive in the mail this week?

(For the curious, both backgrounds are indoor/outdoor tablecloths I got at TJ Maxx or Homegoods. Aren’t they fun?)

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