State of the Stash

Although not required by the Constitution of Angela Land, I feel the people deserve a summary of my stash on a regular basis. This will serve as the first such review, with emphasis on yarn acquisition ( Mostly because I had no time to catalog the stationary stash.)

(Gratuitous picture of my leftover stash, which is included in the numbers below.)

Current statistics:

  • Total of 18,953 yards
  • Lace weight: 0 yards (does not include the yarn I have up for trade/sale)
  • Fingering weight: 6,992 yards
  • Sport weight: 1,297 yards
  • DK weight: 460 yards
  • Worsted weight: 6,681 yards
  • Aran weight: 2,042 yards
  • Bulky: 1,131 yards
  • Super Bulky weight: 0 yards

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