A (Blurry) Photographic Tour of DC

When my parents come to visit us for a weekend, we always struggle with finding something to do. I know, we live 15 minutes from DC – where millions of tourists come and spend a week – and we have issues staying busy. See, that’s the thing, my parents come a few weekends every year. They’ve seen so much of it already.

One of the things we’ve always talked about doing but never did before was a hop-on/hop-off tour. I know, super corny, but it’s not away I’ve ever seen the city and, hey, I get to be lazy and ride rather than walk.

This last visit, my dad was looking at Groupon deals in the area and came across one for one of the big tour companies. Something crazy like $15 a person and, hey, it was a lovely day, why not?

The tour started in L’Enfant Plaza, which I’ll admit to never having actually seen before. We transfer lines there quite often, but never wind up outdoors. It’s rather, well, ugly. But I digress. This particular tour company takes you to 20 or so stops all around the city, all the while narrating what you’re seeing and a bit of history, as well.

I had the best plans. I had my camera, had my kit lens on it, Lizzie was being occupied by my parents…too bad I forgot my kit lens is rather slow and, you know, we were on a moving bus. I did nothing whatsoever to account for this. (Plus, as I realize now, taking a real good look at these, my lens and/or sensor is covered in dust.)

Which brings me to my photos. I present to you, without further comment, a blurry tour of Washington DC.

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