Clapto-KAL 2016

The other day, I was stalking my friend Ana’s Ravelry feed and saw that she had queued up Clapotis. I hadn’t thought about the pattern since about 2008, when I was a baby knitter and the pattern was absolutely terrifying to me. I had to use someone’s cheat sheet for tracking rows, I was so confused. I wound up making a total of three of them back then and, well, forgot about the pattern entirely.

Clapotis Deux - WIP Pics
(The best photos of that last Clapotis, made for my friend, Erin.)

But, suddenly, I really want to make it again. I reached out to Ana and, after admitting my stalkerish tendencies, asked if she wanted to do it as a KAL. She, unlike me, has not forgotten about the pattern, having now completed four of them to thank her thesis committee.

So, want to join us? We’ll start May 15th. I’ll try to post here every week or so on my progress; I won’t sign up Ana for anything as, well, she’s working on a thesis and probably overly sick of words at this point.

If you join us, tag your projects or Instagram photos or whatever with #clapoKAL16. And here’s a little icon-y thing you can use, if you’d like.

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