WIP Wednesday #6

I haven’t been knitting much…at all. Or, more specifically, not making lots of forward progress with my knitting.

I started by pulling out the hat I talked about last time and fiddled with a few ideas but none really suited me. Wound up cutting off from the cakes the part that had been knit over and over again and put it back in the stash.

After a few days of nothing really going on, I decided to use up my leftover stash and make little coasters and/or display objects. I just bought myself a copy of Knitting All Around Stitch Dictionary and it really made me want to try out some different patterned stitches. (The whole coaster idea was hers, so don’t give me credit for it.)

I’ve finished two, so far, and have started a third (not pictured). They’re fun and portable and small so I feel accomplished quite quickly.

And, well, that’s it. My entire knitting progress. Two and 1/3rd little squares.

What are you guys working on right now?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #6”

    1. Thanks! I really like how they’re turning out.

      What’s funny was that we were talking about the need for coasters at work the other day, the very day the book arrived and I read the part about swatches as coasters.


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