Adventure in Two Parts – Part I

Every now and then, Matt’s parents will take Lizzie for an entire week. We get a break from being parents, she gets a break from us / gets spoiled by her grandparents, and they get to spend lots of time with her. Last weekend, we took full advantage of one and a half weekend days to explore and also revisit some of our favorite spots in Baltimore and DC. In this post, I’ll share about the Baltimore half of our weekend.

Saturday, the plan was to get together with one of Matt’s friends from college for hanging out and dinner. With hours before we had to be only 45 minutes away from where we’d done the Lizzie Handoff, we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves. Somehow, I convinced Matt to be dragged to two very Angela-centric activites.

We first stopped by the (free!) Charm City Craft Mafia’s spring Buzz! festival. I was too distracted by the fun things for sale to take photos, but it was a nice, small event with lots of different things for sale. We picked up a gift for a relative from Tiny Dog Press and a Virginia state bird map from Wooden Pencil Co.

While there, Matt pointed out that a yarn company was a sponsor. None other than one of my favorite yarn dyers, Neighorbhood Fibre Company. She didn’t have a booth, so I pulled out my phone to see just how close her shop is. Two miles! While it would take awhile to drive over there – the weather was still crappy at that point in the day – and he’s not really into yarn shops, Matt said ok to going.

Her shop is in the front half of her space and full of light. She’s got a few needles and notions off to one side, hanging out with some OOAK items.

See, proof that Matt was there. He was happy to play on his phone as I wandered around, touching everything.

In stock and on display was every color of every one of her major yarn lines. It was awesome.

Before I move on…A messy photo of my haul – two gradient kits in Studio DK, one in Rustic Fingering, and  OOAK skein of Studio DK.

After that, we drove over to his friend’s place and parked. Not sure of what else to do with ourselves – and the weather was now cool but clear of rain – we decided to take a walk all over his neighborhood and the ones adjacent.


Eventually, we stopped at a bar for a beer and some pin ball and skee ball and, later one, some dinner at a really great burger place. Then, it was goodbyes and we headed home.

(Tomorrow – or maybe in a few days – part II!)

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