Stash Enhancement (of the Stationery Variety)

This weekend, I sort of fell into a hole of stationery. It started at Michaels then continued at Target and the local Korean store.

Above: Washi tape tube (Michaels), PaperJoy 0.7 gel pens in bright colors (Target), hediwapp travel-themed stickers (Michaels), metal charms (Michaels), and nice pencil (Target).

I have to show off the stickers, because they are really awesome.

I’m hoping to use this when we go on trips, big or small, to spruce up what is usually pretty boring recording of our adventures.

I decided to be fancy and show you guys all of the washi and what the pens – and pencils – look like in my MTN. The InkJoy gel pens are super smooth and have great ink lay down.

I put one of the charms on my MTN right way. Think it perfectly expressed where I am right now, trying to enjoy everything that my life is right now.

Last, but not least – part of my purchase at the Korean stationary store. A pair of these adorable notebooks.

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