Reunion 2016

For the last five years, a couple folks in Matt’s extended family have planned a reunion. There’s a ton of us, but that’s what you get when you start with two people who had seven kids who then each had ~3 kids who are now, well, our age (oldest cousin is in her 50s, youngest is 26). We live all over – current locations include a set of missionaries in Tanzania, someone hiking the AT equivalent in New Zealand and folks in the more frigid part of the Midwest, but mostly in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The reunion has usually been at the family estate – okay, a medium-sized house on a few acres, owned by the aforementioned missionaries – in Delaware. Two years ago, it was at a park in Maryland because a cousin was married one weekend in June and, realistically, no one was going to come up/down/over twice in a single summer. This year, though, we did something entirely different. One of the uncles cashed in probably years worth of timeshare credits to get a handful of three-bedroom suits at a swanky resort near Williamsburg.

Some things were different, others the same. Having our own apartments meant we weren’t all together all the time – great for true introverts like Lizzie and Matt. Being at a resort meant a giant pool and putt-putt and, well, constantly available A/C. (The DE reunions were in the side/back yard of a family member and we tried to stay outside as much as we could so we didn’t elevate their electric bill any more than absolutely necessary.) We did breakfast and lunch on our own, with dinner together in a multi-purpose room in the main building.

While I get completely stressed people around people all of the time, these are some of my favorite people to be made to be stressed by. Wait, that sounds wrong. But you know what I mean. I had a really great time with them. I was so busy having fun, in fact, that the only photos I have are – mostly – when I was enjoying a bit of quiet between chaotic moments (which may have been happening right next to me).

We joked that they purposefully put our rooms as far from the common pool/activities as possible. This meant strolls over there a few times a day, plus a quick drive last night when it was pouring rain and none of us wanted to deal with that.

Some folks either catching up on one another’s lives or discussing the issues of the day.

Cousin’s kids playing cards (Uno?) after dinner and before the adults were ready to attempt bedtime routines.

They discovered the playground quickly. My own blonde blur really loved it.

Extra energy was also expelled via a large game of duck-duck-goose on the front lawn. At least one set of non-related children joined us.

The pool was probably the biggest hit of the weekend with both kids and adults.

Lizzie, unlike previous years, took to the water like it was nothing and totally crashed afterwards.

A rainy day wasn’t without fun, thanks to an uncle who brought two bags of craft supplies.

Cries of “We found a frog!” sent everyone running out to the back patio. This poor guy was hunted down by a the under-10 set mulitple times.

Do you guys have reunions? Are they fun or dreaded? Big? Small? What do you eat (because, well, you have to eat at a reunion)?

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