State of the Stash II

I’m pretty impressed with myself, both in terms of how quickly I managed to acquire yarn after my last SotS (less than a week later) and also how much I actually knit this month.

Current statistics (delta from last month):

  • Total of 20,215 (+1262) yards
  • Lace weight: 0 yards (does not include the yarn I have up for trade/sale)
  • Fingering weight: 7,245 (+253, probably just something I found between stash counts as I did not buy any) yards
  • Sport weight: 11612 (+315) yards
  • DK weight: 1144 (+684) yards
  • Worsted weight: 6,432 (-249) yards
  • Aran weight: 2645 (+603) yards
  • Bulky: 1,131 (no change) yards
  • Super Bulky weight: 0 (no change) yards

What I bought:

  • Two Studio DK gradient kits (685 yards each, one used up in this month) from Neighborhood Fiber Company
  • One Rustic Fingering gradient kit (1100ish yards) from Neighborhood Fiber Company
  • One skein of Studio DK from NFC (which I just realized I never put in my stash…so is not above)
  • One skein of Jawoll in crazy bright colors (459 yards)

What I Knit:

  • Various leftovers from projects, mostly Sport weight
  • Started a skirt for E (though that whole total is still in the above)
  • Knit a Clapotis and a mini shawl (totaled 685 yards of DK, but that was all purchased this month)
  • Knit a Different Lines (used up 2 skeins of Spud and Chloe Fine)

1 thought on “State of the Stash II”

  1. Nice work finishing the Clapotis so quickly! I figured I’d have mine done in about a week – and I probably would have if I had in fact started it. Sigh. Dissertation goes to the committee this week, so I’ve got two and a half weeks to get mine done!


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