Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie Lou

I’ll fully admit that I came up with what to write about purely by going through all of the photos I had on my phone.

We’ll start with pictures from yesterday.

A few months ago, we asked Lizzie what she wanted to be for Halloween. Much to our surprise, she not only remembered the holiday (maybe from them talking about it at school?) but also knew exactly what she wanted to be: a bumble bee. One Pinterest tutorial, three craft store trips, and lots of sewing later, her costume was done.

Her grandparents – my parents – were up from Florida this last weekend and brought back with them her Paw Patrol shades. She then proceeded to ham it up when we were going somewhere in the car.

She still really loves books.

And we loved that a restaurant we stopped at on the way back from our Indiana trip had a whole bookshelf of them for her to look at while we waited for our food.

Speaking of Indiana, we were there the weekend before last for a family wedding. She loved hanging out and playing with her second cousins.

It was in the 60s. I have no idea what they were thinking with playing eskimos, as cousin E put it.

That same weekend, we spent a night at a friend’s. She had a blast hanging with their dog, Rufus.

She enjoys Chick-fil-a or, as we call it, The Place with the Cows.

She hangs out with Matt wherever he’s cooking, even outside on the grill.

And, last by not least, she’s been having lots of fun going to birthday parties for her classmates.


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