FO Friday: Dishcloths Aplenty

Matt’s cousin got married a few weeks ago. Instead of the usual gift registry, the couple asked folks to make them things. I instantly thought of dishcloths. Everyone in his family loves using them and I have a giant amount of dishcloth cotton in my stash.

Thing is, I hate working with the stuff. Really hate it. It hurts my hands and sticks to my needles. And the dishcloths, meh, not too exciting. I have nice variegated colors which mean I’m limited to only textured patterns, even more boring.

But I love the couple, so I made them. A lovely set of 8 in shades of light blue. They were gorgeous. I forgot to take a photo of them but, trust me, they were lovely.

Then, for who knows what reason, I kept knitting them. The entire way back from Indiana (about 10 hours), then again once I got home for a good week. I wound up with a ton more – some to a family member, some to a coworker, and the ones shown here, not yet with a destination.

There wasn’t a lot of thought to these, in terms of what I was going to do. I start with however many stitches – 28 if I’m making a regular square vice a mitered one – then pick a pattern and knit is until I have a square. The miters are started with 3 stitches, knit until I feel like decreasing, then finished with 3 stitches.

There’s something really satisfying about these. They take only an hour or so, depending if I’m in the car on Lizzie Entertainment duty (lots of handing her books and snacks and answering “what’s that?”) or watching World Series baseball. I think they’ll be filling my “I have no idea what to knit next.” spot.

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