State of the Stash

Although there’s zero evidence here, I have been keeping track of my stash the last few months. That said, I haven’t been great about adding yarn to my Ravelry stash as I’ve bought it nor weighing leftovers accurately. I’ve knit a lot this year, but also had a few times of going a bit nuts at my LYS or when traveling, so my numbers since my last stash summary, way back in May.

Here’s the numbers, with delta shown against those May numbers:

  • Total of 18248 (-1030) yards
  • Lace weight: 0 yards (same as before)
  • Fingering weight: 10873 (+3628) yards
  • Sport weight: 1587 (+443) yards
  • DK weight: 1587 (+443 yards)
  • Worsted Weight: 4108 (-2324 yards)
  • Aran weight: 254 (-2591 yards, mostly by giving it away)
  • Bulky: 988 (-144 yards)
  • Super Bulky weight: 0 yards (same as before)

Not too shabby, really!

Other than the little I have in WIPs, here’s what all that yarn looks like (inside of my very messy closet).

Top shelf: UFOs and FOs, waiting to be finished or delivered to their recipients

Second shelf: Bag with all of my needles and notions. Stash of dishcloth cotton

Third shelf: Bulky and sock yarn

Fourth shelf: Worsted

Fifth shelf: Fingering not suitable for socks

Last shelf: All of the leftovers

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