Vote for Inspiration

I’m trying to keep myself distracted from the elections results which are blaring from my TV right now – not to mention the poor man just starring at the “magic board” in the background of the current shot.

My distraction tonight is inspired by the ladies of the Yarniacs podcast. Here’s what patterns I’m currently stalking, perhaps to be my next patterns to make.

  • Tied Knits (Justyna Lorkowska): This hat combines cables and ribbing seamlessly. I’m still scared of cables, having only successfully made a handful of projects with them, but I love the look in a hat. I think I may stick with the original color scheme and make it in the dark gray Ella Rae Classic I’ve had in my stash for over six months. I could really use any of the Worsted in my stash, choosing between the more work-house yarns (e.g. Ella Rae Classic) or fancier (Miss Babs Yowza), depending on the recipient. This could be my “I love you lots, have a piece of knitwear!” gift for this year.
  • Boxy (Joji Locatelli): Now that I’m a good way into making myself a fingering-weight sweater, I’m starting to really look at other patterns for them. While I don’t usually go for sweaters which are more drapey and formless, I’m really drawn to this as an option to wear with skinny jeans or tights (who am I that I own those things now??) on the weekend. I’ll need somewhere between 1500 and 1800 yards to make it in my size which means my only option to knit this from stash would be the pumpkin orange BC Garn Semilla Fino I bought this past weekend. I think, though, I’d prefer to purchase a sweater quantity of something a bit loftier, maybe a time to splurge on one of my two favorite yarns, Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Sock or Miss Babs Killington (which is sport, I know). Thinking a darker teal, in terms of color (Old Town East or Frankling, respectively).
  • Range (Andrea Mowry): I’ll admit the fact I was freezing most of the day – gee, thanks, suddenly colder weather plus work requirement to wear a suit today – on why I’m coveting this right now. Nothing like squishy, textured, colorful shawls. I love Worsted shawls though I don’t make them very often. If I were to make this right away, I’d use my dark green Eco Wool; if I let myself buy, I’d pick up some really bright shades of the same yarn.
  • Stripes and Stripes (Marylene Lynx): I like the idea of using this pattern to use up my random leftover fingering weight yarns. I know it’s not much of a pattern, per say, but it would be fun to pick up whenever I want something really, well, boring to knit on. I even have a few friends that would love that sort of thing, so it’s perfect as a gift knit. [Side note: If I were better at crochet, I’d make Bastet, instead.]

So, fellow knitters, what patterns are you currently stalking/coveting/eyeing? What yarn would you use to make them? Who would the FO go to (you can say yourself, I won’t judge)?

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