Where I Blog

In the show Dead Again, the main character talks about she always loved Halloween as a kid because it let you look into other people’s homes, even briefly. I love getting peaks into peoples lives like that – it’s part of the reason I read personal blogs, follow strangers on Instagram who post photos of their usual life/surroundings, and look into windows as I drive by houses (which sounds really, really creepy).

Turn-about is fair play so I thought I’d give you all a peak into my actual life, by showing you where I blog. Usually, I actually sit on the couch with the TV in front of me, so it’s more like where I blog on the weekend and I don’t have to worry about where Lizzie is (and she’s currently napping).

I’m siting at our dinning room table and looking back into the main part of our kitchen. You’ll recognize our blue and white tablecloth from many of my photos of stuff. It was cheap, washes well, and I think it’s not too awfully distracting for photos. I’m probably wrote on the distraction part, but I’m lazy.

The table, as you’ll see, is often covered in stuff, some of which is only here because I’m in creative mode. The two fabric bags have scrap fingering-weight yarn and my yellow hat progress in them. The striped thing is a cowl I made awhile back that I’m actually going to continue as a long leftovers scarf. There’s also my three notebooks – Midori for daily notes about what happened, red Lechtrum (however you spell it) for to do lists, and a Staedler lined one that is currently empty but may become a journal for Morning Pages. And a box and a zipped case of pens and that box of stationary. Oh, right, my Caffeine Free Diet Coke and today’s snack, cinnamon sugar-free applesauce.

The other stuff here is much more common, fresh flowers, the bread bowl Matt’s mom brought us back from Tanzania, E’s coloring notebook and two things of crayons – that’s what in the Ariel bag and the plastic container you can sort of see. Cookbook pile that has yet to find a home (thanks to recent library book sales and a splurge at a local DC bookstore over a month ago).

The kitchen is much neater than usual, I’ll note. Looking at the photo, I realized I missed two cans that will go to church for the annual canned goods drive and the Vitamix canister is one incidence of E running through the kitchen away from falling.

So, yeah, there’s where I blog on a quiet weekend afternoon. I wear comfy clothes (stretchy pants, tshirt, hoodie), drink too much soda and snack, and listen to music Matt despises as I sit here and write.

What does your writing space look like? Show me it, or describe it to me. Messy? Clean? Just for writing or a stolen space like mine?

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