On Journaling

One of the many tags I look at here on WordPress and on Blolovin’ is journaling. I often learn about new things to try in my journaling (or, more accurately, that I think about trying then don’t ever actually implement). Here’s some of the best things I’ve read about journaling this week, in no particular order.

  • Christie of Feeding on Folly – trying to journal…and not being so great about it (link)
  • Amanda of Scattered Journal Pages – why she journals (link)
  • Jimi of Jimi the Phoenix – why the author stopped journaling (link)
  • Cath of Bookish Maug – how to get started in journaling, particularly her super fun sort of journaling involving hand-lettering and drawing (link)
  • Michelle of Factotum of Arts – excellent example of a special type of journaling, hers is all about her quilts (link)
  • Cat of Go Explore Le Monde – travel journaling inspiration and tips, one of my favorite types (link)


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