Weekend Coffee Share (19-20 Nov)

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share, courtesy of Part Time Monster. It’s called Weekend Coffee Share. You write what you’d say to a friend if you were having coffee on a weekend afternoon; what’s going on in your life and/or what’s on your mind.

Let’s get started.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d start by talking about how I’m happy we’ve met up to drink coffee because, yet again, I have failed at making coffee at home. I have a basic pour-over system and, despite measuring the coffee exactly, it turned out rather blah. I would blame the coffee itself because it’s a new-to-me kind, but I know it’s really me. Maybe pouring the hot water directly from our electric kettle isn’t the best idea? Makes me long for my old French press. I have coffee a few times a week at work but use the Keurig and the neat refillable K-cups my brother got me for my birthday (he got me these ones).

I’d tell you about how we had a really busy day this morning. Lizzie started asking for us around 6:30 and we finally gave in and got her up about 45 minutes later. We all got ready for the day, had cereal for breakfast, and went to the market. Matt picked up his pre-ordered turkey from Bev (of Eco Friendly Foods) plus got lots of other things for Thanksgiving dinner. I also got coffee there from Qualia, as per my usual routine. The fridge, much to my surprise, wasn’t super full after we put everything in it.

Then we went to a really cool place to take photos. I would show you photos of the place, partly because I wanted to show them to you and partly because I couldn’t remember the name of the place without looking at the photo I took of the sign. (As an aside, I’m going to share the photos I took there and some more info about it tomorrow.)

At that point, we were all cranky-hungry so we went just a little down US 1 to La Mexicana. We really need to go there more often. The food is really good. I spend the whole time waiting for our order drooling at their baked goods. I got my usual chicken quesadilla, Matt tried their carnitas burrito, and Lizzie demolished her plate of rice and beans.

We had thought Home Goods was south of there, but it had moved north. I got some Christmas gifts for folks then took Lizzie next door so Matt could check out in peace and we could start walking through the party store to pick out Lizzie’s party theme. First, she wanted Thomas but a Mickey Mouse door banner that was out of place caught her eye. So – Mickey Mouse it is. Of course, the store’s credit card machine was busted so we left without getting anything. Thankfully, Amazon saved the day and everything should get here next week.

Nap time wasn’t really nap time – she didn’t sleep but didn’t make tons of noise, either. I did some laundry, bought the party supplies, went through my photos from the park, and did the dishes I’d ignored last night.

If you asked about work, I’d tell you how it was an odd week because I had training one morning, was at an all-day program review one day, and had both a company meeting and a big discussion to facilitate yesterday. I’m glad it’s the weekend so I can chill and knit, even if Lizzie often doesn’t want to let me do either. I’m also hoping to get a few creative projects fully finished.

What’s on your mind this weekend? Tell me in the comments or post your own Weekend Coffee Share Post with the hashtag #weekendcoffeeshare.

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