You’ve probably read how keeping track of what you’re thankful for makes you appreciate things more. Keeps you more focused on the good in your life and all that. Well, I can tell you that I’ve been recording my “thankful” moments the last 18 months or so and it’s really made an impact. I took a little time to flip through my journaling from the last year

So here’s my big list of things I’ve been thankful for so far this year:

  • Lizzie – particularly when she learns something new, is able to be put to bed easily, or when she started giving real kisses rather than just making the kissy noise near your face
  • Matt – for doing the dishes, for telling our hotel it was my birthday, for deciding we could order pizza
  • Parents – for talking to me for two hours when I was home post spider bite, for driving me to two different pharmacies to get eye drops
  • My in-laws – for watching Lizzie while we went to dinner/to a show/to Germany
  • Modern medicine – for treating illnesses and my daily meds
  • Friends – for inviting me to parties/boy band concerts/hang out on a Saturday afternoon
  • Work – being challenged, accomplishing something, finding something I really enjoy doing, learning more about a coworker, laughing at a funny story someone told
  • Craftiness – had enough time to do what I wanted to do, someone appreciated something I made for them, found a good book/website/pattern/yarn/material
  • Blogging – that I remembered to blog (okay, so this was all this month that I recorded that)

What are you thankful for this year?

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