Germany, Part IV: Nurnberg, Bamburg

In case you’re totally confused, it’s either Nurnberg (new spelling) or Nuremburg, the old spelling. Either way, it is the place where the Nazis were tried for their crimes. But, it’s also a really vibrant, larger town/smaller city that I quite enjoyed visiting.

I won’t lie, it was really hot when we were there. Germany was experiencing a very rare September heatwave and we got to enjoy it. It was near 90 most days which was unfun in a city with few air-conditioned buildings. No need to linger on that anymore or I’ll just continue to whine.


Yet again, we did the walking tour of town. I couldn’t help myself and did a quick stop at the Staedler store right by our hotel (limited myself to a set of pens, a set of their boarder but still fine felt markers, and a special Nurnberg-only journal and pencil set). The tour included three churches and a castle and some more stops for shopping. As a general note, Nurnberg had really good food – excellent Italian whole-in-the-wall place by the castle and some of the best Turkish I’ve ever had.

[The younger man was playing the organ – perhaps tuning it or just practicing – for a good 20 minutes.]

[By the daily pop-up market]

[I took lots of photos at the Museum of the German Speaking Peoples. It’s MASSIVE and quite worth as much time as you can devote to it. There’s art and artifacts and manuscripts and an excellent audioguide, if I remember properly.]

We visited the Nazi Documentation Center. Worth visiting for a look into that time without 100% focus on the Holocost/concetration camps but not at all my cup of tea. Rather boring audioguide  is my minor complaint. More so, I found the whole place – the former site of Nazi headquarters and next to the old parade grounds – very deeply disturbing. I almost got physically sick, just hearing about the belief system whose “logical” conclusion was to kill millions of people. Still can’t shake the train track exhibit at the end, which you can look up more about on your own. Sorry to get dark, but, well, it was a dark, dark visit. I can’t pretend otherwise.

Moving on…

Day Trip to Bamburg

We took the train to Bamburg, where we explored the old town, had their famous smoked grains beer, and happened upon a marching band (yeah, really). My notes end there, but I did take a few photos while I was trying not to melt in the heat.

[The brewery with the beer made from smoked grains.]

[See? Marching band.]

Next post: Wurzberg (quick half-day trip for us) and Erfurt

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