Germany, Part VI: Leipzig, Dresden


We did Leipzig as a day trip and I think that was about the right amount of time. We stopped by on our way from Erfurt to Dresden, mostly to visit the East German History Museum (or whatever it’s officially called). We also had a decent lunch at a ramen bar that came recommended. One of those fast no-photo type stops.


We stayed in Dresden for two nights, getting there early afternoon. We rented an “apart-hotel” which means we had a small kitchen but it was slightly more hotel feeling/smaller. Hard to describe. It had a ballet theme, with each room focused on a famous German ballet dancer and barres hung up in the hallways. Matt ruined my fun by always being too impatient to let me brush up on my barre moves (or maybe he just wanted to save me from injury/embarrassment?).

Our time in Dresden was spent touring museums, seeing the New Town on the other side of the river from the old town where we were staying, eating lots of ice cream, and (for me) shopping at the well air-conditioned (it was in the upper 80s when we were there) Altmarkt Galerie. Matt took sunset photos from the New Town the first two nights and we spent the last evening chilling on a bench in New Town.

..and I only took two decent photos when we were there, other than the dozen or so taken inside the Old Masters art gallery. (I have a feeling some of my photos went missing, as I swear I took lots of photos there. Must investigate.)

My last post will focus on Berlin which is not at all what either of us expected (in a good way)…

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