The lovely ladies of the Knitmore Girls podcast have an annual contest they call the Grinchalong. The only requirement is that you knit something that brings you joy.

I don’t normally knit for myself, between the curse of sweaters that don’t work out and the fact I can’t wear wool against my skin because it makes me itch. (Yeah, I know, weird that I can work with it A-OK, but start itching the second it’s against my skin.) But, I finally got smart and bought myself three hanks of DK-weight cotton.

It’s Berroco’s Designer Cotton (I think that’s the name of it.). The idea is to make myself something that’s got stripes or colorwork and a cowl or a shawl. Something I can wear when it’s a bit chilly in the office or I want to pretend I’m cool when I go out shopping.

So I turned to our good friend Ravelry and did a search for cowls or shawls, made in DK or worsted, and typically made with 2 or 3 colors, and have a photo….which left me with 1,207 patterns. Less than 200 went away when I limited it to Free or Ravelry Download.

Over the course of a few days, I actually went through every.single one of those patterns and narrowed it down to four options. Pretty impressive, eh?

As I’m still working on gift-knitting, I still have a little while to choose, but could really use some help. Each of these really appealed to me but has the possibility of getting boring in the knitting. If ya’ll don’t help me, I’m probably going to pick a number out of a hat come time.

Option 1: Copenhagen Calling

Option 2: Echo Strike

Option 3: Safety Scarf

Option 4: Edison


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