12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 – Music

I’m at risk of repeating myself. See, two years ago I wrote a post all about my favorite Christmas songs. I came up with a Top 10 list and everything!

So I guess I shouldn’t just repeat myself…so I’ll share a story, instead.

I was in elementary school when the School of Music I took piano lessons with had a preparatory session for it’s annual Christmas concert. (There were only three teachers in said school, so don’t start thinking this was some giant operation.) One of the teachers had us all sit together and told us we were going to help her organize the program.

We would be dividing ourselves into two groups: those playing secular songs and those playing sacred songs. She carefully explained that sacred songs are those you sing in church. Secular songs were songs that weren’t about things you heard about very much in church.

We all sat there for awhile and thought about whether our songs were secular or sacred. Then, we were told to divide ourselves, secular on one side, sacred on the other.

There’s always that one kid. And, in my church (where my music school was), there was Ross.

Ross proudly announced that his song was both scared and secular (think it was “Up on the Rooftop”) because, if he could sing about poop during the church service, any song could be considered sacred.

After a bit of questioning, it was determined that this poop song was not part of the children’s choir repertoire, but a song he’d made up himself and sung – to his parents’ embarrassment, I’m sure – loudly in the pew during a recent church service.

Oh, Ross…

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