12 Days of Christmas – Day 9: Wrapping Presents

Yeah, I know, it’s like four days until Christmas. We all should have had our presents wrapped long, long ago. But, come on now, only people like my mom and friend, Adrian, are that organized. Most of mine are wrapped, sure, but that’s only because my parents arrive in two days and my spare bedroom can’t contain all of my Amazon boxes and random bags of stuff purchased in local stores AND the stuff they shipped here to wrap.

But, should you be one of those folks with a whole pile of wrapping in front of you, I’ve got a few tips to share:

  1. Craft stores are great for supplies – they have lots of tape, plain gift bags and tissue paper, and photo boxes with holiday and non-holiday themes. (Make sure you check whatever store you’re going to, they probably have a 40% one item or 20% off everything coupon going on. You could also ask some nice person near you in line if they have an extra print coupon.)
  2. Buy heavyweight paper. Like, truly heavy-weighted stuff. If you can, feel the paper to see its thickness. Thicker paper is easier to wrap with because it will fold where you want it to, rather than just crinkle.
  3. Buy paper with a grid on the back. Again, makes wrapping easier. Okay, cutting is easier because you have nice straight lines.
  4. Buy twice as much tape as you think you’ll need. Same for paper. I can tell you from experience that only Walgreens will have supplies left and everyone else will be there buying them, too.
  5. If you got someone a gift card or made a donation in their name, wrap it up in a big box. It’ll show the significance of the gift and opened something that’s actually wrapped is much more fun than opening a card.
  6. Make your own gift bag tags that tie onto the bag – index cards cut in half work totally fine and you can borrow a hole-punch from a neighbor. Then you can more easily re-use the bags than if you stuck a label onto them.
  7. Use a hairtie to keep a roll of paper closed and tidy. Better yet, use two – one at the top and one at the bottom.
  8. Have a weird item to wrap? YouTube probably has a tutorial for how to wrap it. Or your local mall, should be truly brave, probably has a middle school band/chorus/sailing team wrapping things for tips/donations. They’ll love the challenge.
  9. Let your kids help by adding bows to things. (Lizzie had great fun helping Matt this way.)
  10. Hoard Amazon boxes starting in October. They’re great for odd-shaped gifts or wrapping together multi-part gifts (like that movie, microwave popcorn, fuzzy blanket set you put together for a friend).
  11. When putting presents under your tree, put ones that will be given to recipients later at the back. (Like my in-laws will be here later in the day, so theirs will be back there.) This way, you won’t have to keep pushing presents for guests not already present back when your preschooler wants to tear into her next gift.

Any tips on gift wrapping to share?

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