Knitting for Super Tiny Humans

Whenever I learn of someone close to me is having a baby, I almost immediately start thinking of what I can knit. I do all sorts of planning…and then tend to forget to actually make something until, oh, three weeks before the baby is due. They’re so small, so surely I don’t need to put aside tons of time to knit them? Except I have this thing for making blankets or using tiny yarn or some other craziness that means monogamist knitting for between a week to a month.

I’ve got knits for tiny humans on the mind now, as we have two friends plus a family member who are all expecting their first kid. And, of course…I’ve barely started on anything. But I’ve got some ideas.

Favorite Patterns

Baby Surprise Jacket – The pattern is a classic for a reason. It’s in a bunch of different books, so anyone who has any interest in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s work probably has a copy of the pattern lying around. It only takes ~300 yards of your favorite yarn and is both mindless due to the garter fabric and not boring, as each “section” changes what you’re doing. I’ve made 6 of these, using Fingering, DK, and Worsted weight yarns.


Little Sister’s Dress: Only comes in one size but easy enough to scale up/down using a different size yarn. Make sure you keep track of your stockinette and reverse stockinette rows. Gives you an excuse to use cute buttons, though be sure they are really well attached!


Four Corners Blanket – Free pattern that’s modular for the first two squares, then not totally crazy to have on your lap when you’re adding the other two squares. When I knit this, I find myself getting excited as I zoom through each part, excited about getting to the next color/square. This would look really cool if done in a yarn with a long color repeat.

Four Corners Blanket

Coming Together

Stuffed creatures – I have a love/hate relationship with actually knitting these, but they are really fun and won’t be the same sort of thing someone’s Great Aunt would need for the kid. I tend to make monsters versus real creatures because, well, they don’t have to look like anything in particular when you accidentally misread part of the pattern. Rebecca Danger has TONS of great patterns for these. (Clicking on “stuffed creatures” will take you to a Ravelry page of all of her patterns.)

September 7 (Day 48) - Birthday
[Not a Dangercraft pattern but one from Berroco, called Celstine.]

Stay-on Booties – Okay, so I’ve never made any of these but a friend made some for Lizzie when she was brand new and they were great. Won’t fall off, are super cute, and so small they take like no time to knit. Saartje’s Booties are what I think of as the standard example.

Bounce – This is one of those patterns that I love the look of the finished project, but the actual knitting felt like a bit of a slog. Still! Do not be dissuaded. Excellent pattern and can be done in all sorts of fun color combinations.

Favorite Yarns

Berroco Vintage – This is my favorite, if you’re looking for a wool/non-wool blend that’s machine washable. Comes in a million colors. This comes in worsted, DK, and chunky versions, if not more.

Berroco Ultra Wool – Very soft but still superwash, again with an excellent range of colors. My LYS just switched to this – from Ella Rae Classic Superwash – and I like it even more than I liked that yarn for both being a pleasure to knit with and how well it holds up to washing/wearing.

Spud and Chloe Fine – Excellent if you want to do colorwork or otherwise need a superwash fingering yarn. (Rav tells me it comes in a stripy version, too.)

Blue Sky Fibers Worsted Cotton – Luxury cotton that’s worth the price. Limited color range but the colors that are offered are gorgeous.

Some Tips

  • Don’t be that person who gives a new parent something they can’t put in the washer/dryer.
  • Consider making blankets roughly three by four feet. It’s not only a good size for the car seat but for snuggling with when the kid’s a toddler.
  • Include with your handknit something to care for the parents. A gift card to a local pizza place that delivers, an offer of free babysitting, a box of K-cups of their favorite brand.


What’s your favorite thing to knit (or knit with) for tiny humans? If you have kids, what do you wish someone else knit when you had a baby?

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