First I was sick, then saw a waterfall

I had all sorts of plans for last week. I was going to write up a whole bunch of posts about my recent knitting and what’s been going on in my life that’s not knitting-related. Then, Tuesday morning, I woke up with an extremely sore throat. But, after several Sudafed-loopy days, I am feeling quite a bit better and back to bring you fresh! creative! posts!

Ok, probably nothing all that interesting, just what you’ve come to expect: self-deprecating humor, knitting project summaries, and some words-only list posts.

But, first, some photos of a little excursion we took yesterday, the first day I was really feeling like myself. After a quick check of the SunsetWx set, Matt recommended we switched out our normal evening routine for dinner out followed by a trip to Great Falls for sunset. The forecast was correct, it was a nice sunset and not too warm/not too cold outside. I knit and entertained Lizzie, he did his photography. All of the photos below are mine from my phone; he takes way too long to post his.

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