Circle, Circle, Circle-Skirt!

After months of trying to talk myself up to it, I finally got out my machine and actually sewed tonight. A few weeks ago, I purchased not only a pattern for a basic a-line skirt, but some lovely dark teal chambray to make it in. (And neglected to buy both the zipper and the fusible interfacing the pattern also requires.) And then I proceeded to do lots of thinking about said skirt, but being too chicken to make it until I made some simpler things.

Thursday, I stopped at on my way home at our local Joanns. I know, I have an amazing local fabric store, but I was looking for something I wouldn’t be afraid to ruin. I picked up a couple yards of basic cotton from the sale bin. (I also picked up some canvas yardage to make a tote bag from, the interfacing and zipper I need to make that pattern skirt, and some other sale cotton for who knows what.)

Matt worked on grilling our dinner, Lizzie played on her tablet, and I did all of the prep to make the basic circle skirt tutorial (over here) from Dana at Made Every Day. After dinner, I brought my machine out into the screened porch – the cord *just* reaches from the plug to the machine, when it’s on the very edge of the table. They ate popsicles, I sewed.

The skirt has lots of problems, sure, but I am pretty proud of myself. Most importantly, Lizzie LOVES it.

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