I have all sorts of excuses why I haven’t blogged in awhile. Use of Instagram for sharing photos and stories. Trying to connect with people more in person. Lack of desire to get anywhere near a computer after a work day spent on one.

But, really, I just haven’t felt like blogging. And that’s okay, right? Ya’ll haven’t come at me with pitchforks, demanding I post more often. I do this blog for fun and self-expression and, okay, sometimes it’s for the likes and new followers.

2017 Wrap-Up

I would say that 2017 was a year of ups and downs, for me and my work and my family and, well, the nation. (Don’t worry, I won’t elaborate very much on that last one. Let’s just say I see it as more of a downward motion with occasional bright spots.)


I started the year with a giant plate of cinnamon rolls at a favorite brunch spot and spent the rest of the day clearing out and organizing our closets. We also went to Rose’s Luxury for the first time in a little bit. (Yes, Lizzie spent the first few days of the year at her grandparents’.) Lizzie got really into painting, taking advantage of her new easel. I took another ballet class – the only session I actually completed for the year, though I did start too others. We all went to the Women’s March on Washington – even Lizzie was a happy camper, despite the crazy crowds. I made a lot of envelopes and pom-poms. Maybe hundreds of each. We helped with robotics again, though I mostly stayed home to watch Lizzie.


We went to the National Zoo with the family of one of Matt’s high school friends on a drizzly day. Spent a long weekend in Florida with my parents, including lots of playground time and a trip to the Everglades (my first, can you believe it??). I visited the new MGM resort for a friend’s birthday. We started a fun activity of hallway bowling.


Lizzie started her second round of swim lessons, still with us on the pool with her. She did really well, though didn’t end the class being unwilling to be in the pool without us. Her second haircut was just as easy as her first. We got a good amount of snow. Well, enough snow for Lizzie to “help” make a snowman.


Matt went to South Africa for work – the cards were brought back for me. Lizzie attempted a soccer class – this accurately shows her feelings towards it. We went with some friends to a DC United game. We spent a lot of time our new hammock. Lizzie participated in an Easter egg hunt with church. Matt celebrated his favorite time of year -strawberry season! My parents came for a weekend and we spent a day in Annapolis.


I had a major sinus infection but it was over by the time we had our annual Cinco de Mayo party. Neighbor Sara joined me at Maryland Sheep and Wool. We spent an evening at Great Falls and a weekend in Shenandoah. We had dinner and played board games with old friends. Lizzie ate the first of many, many popsicles for the summer.


Lizzie spent lots of time outside or in our porch with E from next door. I made some fun creatures. We spent 10 days in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We re-did our basement (finally!).


We spent as much time outside as possible, including fireworks with neighbors, trip to Shenandoah with friends, and a visit to Florida (where Uncle Rob took us all the zoo).


Lots of time with the neighborhood families. Matt and I spent the last half of the month in England and Wales. (For more info on the trip, see my Instagram from August.)


Going through my photos, it’s all about Lizzie’s friends’ birthday parties and a random Saturday afternoon spent painting in the porch. I’m sure other stuff happened, too, but that’s certainly what kept weekends super busy.


Birthday party next door and TWO Shenandoah trips – one for our usual fall weekend and another, as a day trip, when my parents came to visit.


Another birthday party, Lizzie’s first college football game (Maryland vs Michigan). We had Thanksgiving with Matt’s parents and aunt and one of his coworkers. Everyone who had Thanksgiving next door came over for dessert. Of course, zero pictures of that but here’s our leftover turkey ramen from the next day.


Lizzie had a great Prince and Princess birthday party, where she and her buddies decorated foam crowns. We took her on her first Santa Train. She’s still scared of Santa but loved being on a real (non-Metro) train for the first time. We got a little bit of snow.  The girls – Lizzie and neighbor’s – attempted to make gingerbread houses with non-structural components. Celebrated Christmas with my in-laws and without my parents (long story). Lizzie fell in love with Legos.

Looking Forward to 2018

Let’s just leave this for another post, okay?

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