Let’s see, how do I begin? I’ll start with the easy things. The sort of things you tell people when you meet them at a friend’s birthday party.

I’m Angela. I live in Northern Virginia with my husband (since 2006, his name is Matt), two cats (since 2007, their names are Willie and Ollie) and daughter (since 2013, she’s Squirms or E or Lizzie). I grew up in South Florida, followed a guy to California after two years of college in FL (thankfully, it’s the guy I married or my life story would take a rather pathetic turn at this point), then we moved here to NoVA when we realized 1. SoCal is expensive and 2. we didn’t want to raise kids so far away from the majority of our family. Plus, we’re East Cost sort of people who enjoy seasonal weather changes.

My day job is helping to write technical grants and get them approved by everyone who cares about the system/program that’s getting the funding. My boss described it as half cat-wrangling, half social engineering. But you probably don’t care about all the specifics. I’m a geek who loves to talk about math and technology and problem solving.

Outside of work and spending time with my family, friends, and cats, I’m a big fan of creating things, food (mostly the eating side of things), attempting to remember to exercise, and telling stories which may or may not have a point. Oh, and trying to contain my crazy.

Creative-wise, I’m all over the map, but knitting, photography, and writing are my go-tos. I’ve dabbled in cross stitch, scrapbooking (paper and digital in a Project Life style), sewing, quilting, doodling (Zentangle-like stuff), and watercolors. Food is a passion but I can’t really cook so I leave that to my husband (who used to keep up this food blog); I do the dishes and most of the cleanup after him. We also go out to eat whenever we can because we live near DC and there’s some great food out there (and going out means I don’t have to do dishes). I used to run a lot, used to take karate, and have dabbled in ballet a few times. Robotics has been in my life since I was in 7th grade; it’s a long story but short version is my dad’s the reason I got involved, I stayed because I liked a boy, that’s how I met my husband (not the boy who was the reason I stayed), it’s why I’m an engineer, and now I mentor a team from a local magnet school.

I’m high-energy and have trouble relaxing. Rules and process are my comfort zone. I talk fast, often faster than my brain can think things through. I’m often serious when I should be humorous and visa versa. I ramble. I love making lists so I don’t have to actively keep track of where I am in doing things and checking off things I’ve done thrills me. My handwriting is neat but gets sloppy when I’m excited. I get angry when I need to eat something. I constantly fear I have no idea what I’m doing but have learned to just fake it until I do know what’s going on (and have confidence in myself in that area). I like to teach but have little patience for slow learners.

So, yeah. This blog is where you’ll find out what’s going on in my life. One Life, Recorded.

Glad to see ‘ya.

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