WIP Wednesday 11/23/16

I’m now up to a total of five WIPs, knitting-wise: 1) the sweater that makes me itch, 2) the too big for my mother-in-law socks, 3) a cotton mix scarf that I don’t have a photo of, and these two…

The Lizzie Sweater-Dress

I had this big plan to knit Lizzie a sweater dress thing for her birthday. I talked last week about that, but I’ll reiterate: she picked the yarn, I picked the pattern. It’s a simple bottoms-up with a split front and back. I winged it and just sort of started, choosing the size based on her measurements. And, look! I’ve made lots of progress. Just a couple inches from splitting off the sleeves.

Yeah, it’s too small for her. I managed to get her to sit still just long enough to measure it against her and it’s clearly about and inch too narrow per side. So that’s now put aside, waiting for me to pick a new recipient for it.

The New Lizzie Sweater-Dress

Not wanted her to be without something handmade for her birthday, I started a new sweater dress using Worsted. She picked out these colors, I’ll have you note. Bit, okay, way, way, too bright for my taste.

The pattern is Mud Princess from the Wrestless Knitter. The garter stitch stripes continue on the end of the body and the edges of the sleeves. It’s knitting up really quick so a birthday finish shouldn’t be out of the question since, you know, I’m not actually working on anything else at all right now.


Programming note: The next week or so is all about our trip to Germany in October. You may see a different post here or there on a different topic, but they’re all queued up and ready to go.

WIP Wednesday : Déjà Vu

My knitting seems to constantly repeat itself. This past week is the perfect example. Last week, I was so hopeful. My sweater for myself was going well and I had started on a dress for Lizzie. But, as I pointed out in our chat over coffee just the next day, the sweater doesn’t fit and I started a hat. (The hat is now an FO so it’ll show up here later. Or not at all as it’s, well, a basic ribbed hat.) And I haven’t felt like working on Lizzie’s dress which I feel guilty about but I’ll get over it.

That’s my pattern: Make lots of progress on a sweater, then it screeches to a halt. Start something boring and basic then finish it. Then make something that’s a bit more exciting but nothing too out of my comfort zone.

Alas, that’s exactly what’s happened. My only current WIP actively being worked is a pair of Monkey socks for my mother-in-law. I made her a pair of socks several years ago and she still wears them all the time, falling apart as they are.

These are very comfortable knitting. It’s a pattern I’ve made a handful of times, in a yarn I’ve used many times, as well (NFC Studio Sock). Great watching-TV-with-Lizzie knitting or riding-in-the-car knitting or even my-computer-takes-too-long-to-log-in knitting.

Déjà vu ain’t always a bad thing.

WIP Wednesday – Sweater Weather

I swore I would never make a sweater for myself again. See, I had horrible luck with them. The last few that I made, oye, just did not work. I completed almost the entire sweater, only to realize that the front pieces were too long or the whole thing was too short or my gauge swatch had lied. Each one was placed in a grocery bag, tossed in my closet for a few months, and eventually tossed when I decided I just couldn’t deal with fixing it.

So why, then, did I suddenly decide to start one? For myself? In a thin fingering weight yarn?

Because, well, I am a bit crazy. I’d been spending months making things for others – shawls/cowls for coworkers, hats for friends, socks for family, and dishcloths for anyone who would take them. Perhaps I needed to be selfish for awhile – a long while, due to the whole tiny, thin yarn thing.

I’m making myself a Featherweight Cardigan in BC Garn Semilla Fino on the color Ox. It’s gone rather fast, with my splitting out the sleeves after 48 hours and now at about 5″ past that just three days later.

Here it was on Monday, when I could actually get a halfway decent photo.

I’m halfway hopeful it’ll be done by the end of November. It’s certainly possible, time-wise, but I worry I may lose interest or run out of yarn or something goes wrong with it.

But, for now, I’m really enjoying it.

WIP Wednesday #5

I’ve been doing lots of starting in the last few weeks, with not a whole lot to show for it because little has fully grabbed my attention. It happens when I have a long time of productivity, like my brain short-circuits

I will start with a confession that I still haven’t finished the socks I started over a year ago and my CustomKnit red sweater, yeah..still in several pieces as I discovered one of the front parts is too long above the armhole.

My first WIP is a crescent, sideways-knit shawl (It’s Game Day!) for a mathematician coworker. It’s a rather mindless knit, perfect for when Lizzie is watching TV after dinner and just wants to sit near me, not on me. I’m really enjoying how the colors are subtly shifting as I continue to knit this on a needle quite a bit too large for the yarn – a size 8 for this thinner fingering weight.

The next, not currently being worked, is a cowl for a coworker (Sibella) which I put aside because, well, I just wasn’t in the mood to work with the somewhat slippery Cascade Heritage. I’ll be picking this up again as soon as I finish Game Day. Okay, I should pick it up after finishing that one.

And, lastly, a two-color hat (pattern is Selbu Modern) I started on a ski trip to West Virginia in February. This is likely to get frogged because, really, when am I ever going to have the concentration to finish it?

What are you guys working on this week?

WIP Wednesday #4

Lest you think, after my last post, that I pulled out every single project I had in progress – never fear! I have several projects I’m actively working on right now.

The first is a pair of socks for my cousin, Nicole. She was the first one to respond to a photo post on Facebook, asking who wanted to be gifted them when they’re done. (Two relatives and one friend also indicated they want socks within minutes. They’ve been added to my queue.)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The socks are in a yarn that’s entirely new to me, Gynx BFL Sock. I like the tight twist on it and think they’ll wear pretty well as a result. The pattern is just a simple four row repeat of offset k2tog/yo’s. Nice and mindless. And, as always, I’m making them toe-up with a slipped stitch heel.

The other project is a shawl from the yarn I got back from frogging my Luna Virdus. It’s the Remember When shawl from Joji Locatelli. Not very inpressive yet but it’s going to be amazing when it’s done. 


WIP Wednesday #3

I actually have a few things to show off this week, so instead of “I can’t show you my WIP” or “I made no progress on that old WIP” – actual progress! You won’t see Squirms’ Halloween costume until after Halloween, though I did manage to start and actually complete both parts of it since my last WIP Wednesday post. But, like I said, you’ll see more about that later. For now, I’ve got sweater progress and a new WIP to show off.

Since my last post, I knit the sleeves, sewed the sleeves together (yes, you knit them flat, which I love – until the seaming part), sewed the armholes together, and add the neckline. All that’s left is to actually sew the sleeves into place which I’ll get to one of these days – maybe tomorrow night after dinner if we are watching a TV show that’s interesting enough to distract me from the agony of seaming but not so interesting I can’t concentrate.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


My other WIP I just started last night. It’s a pair of socks for a family friend who could use a bit of a pick-me-up. I got the yarn the last time I went yarn shopping (late September?) and it’s Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in a colorway called Puss in Boots. I love the combo of black, white, yellow, and orange. The pattern is just a knit/purl pattern but looks really neat when it’s all stacked up on top of itself. (It’s called D-man Socks and was designed by Karen Lauger – you may recognize her as the designer of the chalice baby blanket.)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


One of my planned posts for November is to dive into my stash bins to not only show you what yarn I’ve got in there, but to openly admit what long-term WIPs are still languishing – knitting and otherwise. Eeep!

WIP Wednesday #2

I have been in a serious knitting mood lately so I actually have some real progress to show off this time around.

I managed to finish knitting the body earlier today. You knit it in the round, from the bottom up then work on the strap, for lack of a better way of putting it, then sew the shoulders together.


Of course, I managed to sew them together wrong. Twice. And the same way.


But now I’m ready to knit the neckline and sleeves. I hate sleeves so I’ll probably do the neck first starting tomorrow or so.

What are you all working in this week?